Intermediate Group Classes

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Beginning French teaches the fundamentals of listening, speaking, reading, and writing French. Common themes covered are greetings, exchanging simple information, restaurant, travel, family, weather, activities and shopping. Students learn correct pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary through student interactions while exploring French and francophone cultures.

As students progress through the beginning levels, new thematic units and vocabulary are introduced such as clothing, careers, daily routines and activities, foods, transportation, and directions. Through paired and group activities, simple conversations, dictations, and grammatical patterns students learn to comprehend, ask and answer questions, and follow instructions in French. Students explore writing and reading while expanding their vocabulary and command of the language.

Here is a rough description Gigi and Jesse of Beginning French to get us started. I added the second paragraph because of the 4 beginning classes we have. They are currently labeled Beginner A1a
Beginner A1b
Beginner A1(c) which perhaps we should call Intermediate Beginner?
Intermediate Beginner A2(d) which should be called Advanced Beginner A2

Please comment Kate, Joelle and Julia on how we would like to label our classes going forward. It’s not always easy due to continuing sessions and new students in
I too agree with Lisa about Beginner A1c as Intermediate Beginner and Beginner A2d as Advanced Beginner (also psychologically, our students may feel a boost with this title – like an upgrade ;)  Joelle