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Group Classes at the AFSR

UPDATE: Spring session classes will run from March 2 – April 24 (8 weeks)

Please view the summary class schedule below or the site CALENDAR for more info.  Scroll down the page to see more details for each class organized by proficiency level.

Can’t make it to any of our group classes?

Please contact the School Administrator at to let us know which days and times suit you well for classes.

Schedule of classes for Spring 2020 session at the Alliance Française de Santa Rosa

Emphasis in all of our courses is on communication achieved through active student participation. All classes are conducted in French, giving you maximum exposure to practice the language. Small classes are standard to facilitate communication. All our teachers have native speaker fluency.

Classes run two hours. Sessions are normally 7-8 weeks, and cost $231 (for 7 classes per session) or $264 (for 8 classes per session).

NOTE: Please avoid buying the instructor’s version of textbooks as these will not be as useful.

Membership with AFSR is a requirement to enroll for classes and can also be purchased on-line.

For more information, please view our School Policies.

Assess Your Level

Beginner Level Group Classes

Beginning French teaches the fundamentals of listening, speaking, reading, and writing French. Common themes covered are greetings, exchanging simple information, restaurant, travel, family, weather, activities and shopping. Students learn correct pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary through student interactions while exploring French and francophone cultures.

As students progress through the beginning levels, new thematic units and vocabulary are introduced such as clothing, careers, daily routines and activities, foods, transportation, and directions. Through paired and group activities, simple conversations, dictations, and grammatical patterns students learn to comprehend, ask and answer questions, and follow instructions in French. Students explore writing and reading while expanding their vocabulary and command of the language.

Intermediate Level Group Classes

AFSR offers a variety of approaches in advancing students’ speaking, reading and writing facilities. We hold ongoing classes in conversation (échanges), idiomatic expressions, student reports, grammar, and culture.  Classes offered include

Culture et Civilisation – advancing the student’s grammar and spoken abilities in the context of learning French history, art and culture

Le monde francophone – exploring the francophone world through conversation, grammar and literature

Contes et Légendes – discovering folk tales and fairy tales of French lore through readings and discussions of stories from antiquity, medieval and contemporary times

Advanced Level Group Classes

Advanced-level students can easily understand virtually everything heard and read. They are able to summarize information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation. They can express themselves spontaneously, fluently and precisely.

Classes offered include classical to modern French literature as well as business French.

“Fluent Littérature” refers to the appreciation of French culture through immersive study of its grands classiques. From Emile Zola to Alphonse Daudet. From Amelie Nothomb to Claude Sarraute. Explore the world of these fascinating French authors, one author at a time! Literary vocabulary and techniques will be provided and studied.

Business French allows you to apply your French basics and command to your professional life by using proper writing techniques.  The objectives include offering services and products as well as carrying on negotiations with business partners and customers.  Learn technical vocabulary and applications. Potential areas of interest can vary, depending on student interest – legal, accounting, computer science, social media, etc.

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Can’t make it to any of our group classes?

Please contact the School Administrator at to let us know which days and times suit you well for classes.

AFSR Group Class Sessions

Image graphic of school sessions throughout the year at the Alliance Française of Santa Rosa
  • Fall 2019 – Sep 3 – Oct 25 || 7-8 weeks

  • Late Fall 2019 – Oct 28 – Dec 19 || 7-8 weeks (No classes Veterans Day – Nov 11 & Thanksgiving Day – Nov 28)

  • WINTER BREAK :  Dec 23 – Jan 5 || 2 weeks

  • Winter 2019/2020 – Jan 6 – Feb 28 || 8 weeks

  • Spring 2020 – Mar 2 – Apr 24 || 8 weeks

  • Late Spring 2020 – Apr 27 – Jun 19 || 8 weeks

  • Summer Session I – 2020 – Jun 22 – Jul 31 || 6 weeks

  • Summer Session II – 2020 – Aug 3 – Sept 4 || 5 weeks

This graphic illustrates the usual course of AFSR group class sessions throughout the year.

Please note that the dates and session lengths may be subject to change.

Tutoring (semi-private and private instruction) is available all throughout the year, and is arranged with the school administration or directly with the instructor.

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