At the AFSR Foyer

The AFSR multimedia library with free WIFI access is open to all members. Students are encouraged to use it to perfect their French.

Depending on your literary preferences, there are many genres you can choose from. Among the 700+ books our médiathèque (multimedia library) offers, there are many classic fiction novels, but also sci-fi, thrillers, theater plays, poetry, non-fiction, bandes désinées (comic books), as well as francophone literature from all over the world. Our collection of polars (crime novels) is particularly popular among our students.

There is also a bibliotheque jeunesse open to readers aged 3 to 103! And our cuisine and wine related collection is growing.

In January 2020, we received an outstanding collection of novels by Quebec authors, thanks to a long-time AFSR member.  Here’s a review of three volumes:
Les Filles de Caleb was written about 35 years ago and has become one of the most appreciated literary achievements written in Quebec.  There has not been anything written since that could match the popularity of three tomes. The story was so well-received  that a TV series made from it in 1991 turned out to be the most popular series ever produced up to that time.  These novels provides a very clear picture of what life was like in rural Quebec  in the latter part of the 19th century and the earlier part of the 20th.  In addition to these three volumes there is another one which describes the life of the woman about whom this story was written.  I just finished rereading them and was very pleased again to have done so.”

We welcome donations and thank our generous contributors for their gifts!

Please call us at (707) 543-8151 or email us at to schedule an appointment to browse and check out materials.

Members can access the library by appointment and at these hours (as of Jan-Feb 2020):

  • Monday – 3-7pm
  • Tuesday – 1-6pm
  • Wednesday – 4-7pm
  • Thursday: 3-7pm

Please remember that staff members may not be available at these hours to help you check out media items. Instructors are *not* to be interrupted in the middle of their class to help you check out media items.

If no one is available to help, please leave a note at the small table at the entrance with your request to check out any media items and remember to leave your email address/phone number on the note so we can contact you and set up an appointment to check out your requested material(s).


The Internet has been an invaluable compendium of resources (most of them free and available as apps on mobile devices) for foreign language learners. The resources below are just a few that our school and Alliance members have used in and outside of classes and can recommend.

As many French channels/programs are not available to US viewers without subscription (eg. TV5Monde, CanalPlus, etc.), YouTube offers some past programs for free viewing such as talk shows (e.g. C à vous).

Please be advised that while we strive to ensure that the content is relevant and appropriate, Alliance Française de Santa Rosa is not responsible for the maintenance, integrity, and content of external or third party websites.  In addition, some sites “monetize” their free services to consumers by including advertising. The Alliance does not endorse any of these sites nor the companies that advertise on their websites, podcasts and programs.

Quick View of Resources and References below

Alliance Française de Santa Rosa members are especially fortunate to have access to Culturethèque, with a plethora of French language print (books and periodicals, audio (including audiobooks) and video assets FOR ALL AGES not available online.

If you are a member, do not hesitate to sign up.  Once your register, the site is supposed to allow you access to the assets for about two days until AFSR confirms that your membership is current. Once confirmed, you have access to Culturethèque until your membership expires.

Sign up for AFSR Membership to access Culturethèque.

English-French dictionary with synonyms –

Word Reference English-French dictionary screen capture

English-French dictionary with usage/context examples –

Reverso Context English-French dictionary screen capture

English-French dictionary with usage/context examples, also available as an app with off-line capabilities (great when you don’t have wifi)

Linguee English-French dictionary screen capture

Simple but quick site with French verb conjugations at your fingertips:

Screen capture of French verb conjugations

Great way to learn French pronunciation, expand your vocabulary and review grammar.

Screen capture of french vocabulary

Arte offers free content – excellent documentaries, coverage of culture, art, science, etc.

Screen capture of arte home page website

Radio France International – also available in many languages.

Screen capture of Radio France International website

Google Podcast app for Android and iPhones – Google Podcast link

Some member favorites: News in Slow French, A Cup of French, RFI Géopolitique – le débat, and many others

Screen capture of Google Podcast download page

Chante France – French chansons and ballads –

Screen capture of Chante France home page