Tutoring classes with Laura Patterson

    • Semi-private lessons are offered to two students for regular or AP (Advanced Placement for HS) instruction, tailor-maid to suit student needs.
    • Sessions are one month (2-3 hours minimum) paid in advance.
    • Pricing:  Adults: $80/hr ($40.00/hr each)  $45/hr if the teacher travels to the student (more than 10 miles from the teacher’s home
    • Youth: $60/hr  ($30/hr each  ($35/hr for travel)
    Please select at least 2 lesson-hours with Laura. If you know your co-student's name, please add the student's name in the "Additional Information" section at checkout. For more info or questions, please contact the School Administrator.
  • Private lessons, regular or AP (Advanced Placement for high school), are one-on-one and ongoing. Sessions are one month (a 2-3 hour minimum) paid in advance. Rates: Adults $75/hour ($85/hour for teacher travel beyond 10 miles from the instructor’s home) Youth $60/hr ($70/hr w/travel) Please select a minimum of 2 hours with Laura.


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