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The Alliance Française of Santa Rosa is grateful for this business partner’s contributions to our programs through membership and in-kind services. We encourage all our members and friends to patronize this business and to thank them for their valuable support.


At Sarmentine all we knead is love

We offer handcrafted baked goods, made fresh daily, from organic ingredients.

We believe that not all the breads are made equal.

We believe the best breads are made from the soul of the artisan boulanger (baker) who knead them.

We believe superior baked goods cannot be made with shortcut – it’s only crafted upholding the traditional techniques and respect for the ingredients.

We believe tasteful bread comes from homemade natural levain (sourdough) and long/slow fermentation.

We believe using locally sourced organic ingredients – like Central Milling organic flour (Petaluma, CA) or Strauss organic cultured butter (Petaluma, CA) – allow us to taste our terroir and preserve it for the future generation.

We believe in not compromising between quality, taste and sustainability.

We believe all we knead is love, love of our French traditional techniques, love of our baked good, love for our families enjoying them and for the next generation.

We are happy to help promote French culture in Sonoma County.

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AFSR Business Partner Since 2022