Film and TV Streaming Resources

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Kanopy is a terrific source of recent and some older films, including documentaries, and best of all the subscription is free if you hold a library card at most of the libraries in Sonoma County. Check with your librarian to see if they have a Kanopy agreement. Once you have signed up you can watch up to 8 films in any given calendar month. Kanopy has a very good selection of films from the 1960s up to the present.
Subscription Cost: Free
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The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel is simply the most in-depth site to find most of the significant films in the world history of cinema. The selection is rotated every month, but at the current moment, typing “french” in the search box lists 411 films. In addition to having the highest audio and video standards, many of the films in the collection come with interviews and commentary (in English and in French).
Subscription Cost: $89.99/year after a 14-day free trial
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MUBI is a curated film service, showing contemporary World cinema from leading (and sometimes relatively unknown) directors. Besides having a backlist, they show 30 films at any given time, adding a new one each day, and retiring it after 30 days. Currently, 7 of the 30 films are in French, so there is a very good chance of finding something good to watch here.
Subscription Cost: $10.99/month after a 7-day free trial
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TV5Monde États-Unis
TV5Monde distributes popular French TV series (and a few films) in foreign countries. Check with your cable operator to see if you can include it in your subscription and what the monthly cost is. Once you have signed up, the TV5Mondeplus streaming service is included. The selection is heavily weighted towards current films, including comedies, travel, and family entertainment. If you are looking for a TV series your family in France is addicted to, chances are you can find it here.
Subscription Cost: Ask your cable operator
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MHz Choice
MHz is another cable add-on service, with a standalone streaming service, MHz Choice. MHz specializes in foreign TV series, especially from France and Italy, with a focus on thrillers and police stories. Right now I am becoming addicted to the long-running policier, Engrenages (Spiral), now playing on MHz.
Subscription Cost: Ask your cable operator