AFSR Youth Summer Camp Experience – 2021

Les Matelots (Sailors) for Ages 11-14 !

Image of a majestic sailing ship

Instructor: Mayana Jean Charles
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 9:30 am – 12:30pm

During these 8 weeks of Youth Summer Camp Experience, Les Matelots (“Sailors”) can explore the stories of Gaul by following closely the adventures of comic character Astérix, and his village friends, or enact the epic legends of Brittany. Their dedicated youth instructor will facilitate learning through active and creative ateliers, to help Matelots campers retain French phrases and reuse them throughout the camp in interactive arts and crafts, games and treasure-hunts.

This camp course is for children ages 11 thru 14, even without previous exposure to French. As our experience has shown, it is more effective and rewarding for your child to learn and retain a new language over time. For this reason, we are applying a 3-week enrollment minimum condition for the camp. We also highly recommend that these weeks be consecutive for better language acquisition and retention, but we completely understand if you need to keep a flexible schedule throughout your summer vacation!

Therefore, these 3 weeks need not be consecutive.

Image of Getafix, Obelix, Asterix cartoon charactersLes Matelots Week by Week

Week 1
June 14-16: Astérix le Gaulois => historical timeline, legends, action verbs, reading

Week 2
June 21-23: Astérix chez les Bretons => cultural input, history, legends, action verbs, sequencing, make up a new game

Week 3
June 28-30: Astérix et Obélix chez Cléopatre => historical timeline, cultural input, legends, action verbs, putting together a song

Week 4
July 5-7: Les 12 Travaux d’Astérix => legends, cultural input, reading, putting together a drama/play of the story

Week 5
July 12-14: La fête du 14 juillet => French historical personalities, shapes, flags, quotes and presentations

Week 6
July 19-21: La Fée Mélusine =>legends, cultural input, reading, putting together a fresco/mural

Week 7
July 26-28: Merlin l’Enchanteur => legends, cultural input, reading, sequencing, potion making

Week 8
August 2-4: Excalibur et Brocéliande => legends, geography, reading, directions, relative discourse. Optionally: Lancelot et les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde => legends, geography, reading, giving commands, big banquet around round table

Week 9
on Aug 11: Le Grand Concours => a big contest with theater play, or puppet show depending on campers and instructor

Sign Up Packets:

Upon enrollment, registrants will receive the curriculum, a week-by-week schedule, a list of required materials, a questionnaire about the child’s French proficiency and in the case that it is online for some campers: a questionnaire about the child’s experience with Zoom, a copy of internal rules for interacting as a class on Zoom.

List of required materials: dress up, paper, scissors, puzzles, play dough, etc.

Each Youth French Instructor will add to this list before the Camp and communicate with parents each week to remind them of specific items necessary for the following week.

While the Youth Summer Camp Experience is primarily an online program, in-person options are also available, provided camp conditions are safe and acceptable for our community.

Image of children sailors on sailboat

Opening activities: “I think – Je pense”
A new theme every week
4 to 5 language & cognitive goals every week
A fun competition at the end of every week

A ceremony at the end of the camp

Daily Schedule (Mon-Wed)

9:30-9:45 – Welcome
9:45-10:30 – Intro
10:30-10:35 – Break
10:35-11:20 – Main Class
11:20-11:25 – Break
11:25-12:20 – Activity/Arts
12:20-12:30 – Recap/ Goodbye

 “Matelots” French Instructor

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Minimum 3 weeks – $465 ($155/wk)
4 weeks – $560 ($140/wk)
5 weeks – $690 ($138/wk)
6 weeks – $822 ($137/wk)
7 weeks – $959 ($137/wk)
8 weeks – $1,048 ($131/wk)

Minimum of 3 weeks registration required, need not be consecutive weeks.

Class size is a minimum of 3 students, maximum of 8 students.

Semi-private lessons and individual tutoring available. Contact

Please fill out and sign this registration form (separate from payment). It includes parent & student info, week selection, as well as the liability waiver.

Covid-19 Safety

In planning for Youth Summer Camp, AFSR has taken direction from the CDC, the Sonoma County Health Services Department, and our state and local authorities. While it should be acknowledged that complete elimination of risk is not possible, the Alliance Française de Santa Rosa is committed to implementing the safest protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and provide a low-risk, safe camp experience for all concerned. All classes are offered online via Zoom, unless arranged in advance by Instructor and Parent or Guardian.