Kate Levine’s group classes at AFSR

  • Designed for students of all levels to improve their pronunciation and understanding of French phonetics. Perfect your accent and pronunciation with Kate-Alexandra Levine, a native Parisian! Scroll down for details.
  • Culture et Civilisation - Exploration of French history, literature and art throughout the centuries with Kate-Alexandra Levine. Fundamentals of grammar will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on conversation and interactive research. For students of advanced intermediate level. Scroll down for details.
  • NOTE TO TREASURER:For students who start a class after the 2nd week (meaning joins during the third week), please enter the number of group classes ($33/class as of Jan. 2020) taken with Kate, and then add a note regarding the class name (if known), day of week and time of day that the class meets into the order.
  • Customized French Instruction to members of the Alliance Française de Santa Rosa. Please contact our School Administrator for more information and pricing. NOTE TO TREASURER:Select this item number for customized classes with variable cost at the Alliance Française de Santa Rosa, and then in the online order entry, add a note regarding the name of this custom class. IGNORE THE TERM "YOUR DONATION AMOUNT" and just enter the amount paid by the student.

Practice Your French

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