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Youth Summer Camp Experience Registration Form

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Conditions of Registration:

If camp is held outdoors, we recommend campers and instructors wear clear face coverings. Please protect your campers with sunscreen applied at home and a hat, closed toe shoes, 2 bottles of water and a snack.

Please have your picture ID at time of pickup.

Please continue below to read the Health & Safety Protocols and Liability Waiver. This must be signed by the first day of camp.

Health & Safety Protocols and Liability Waiver

The Alliance Française de Santa Rosa (AFSR) is a non-profit Language School and Cultural Organization committed to offering quality adult language learning and fun and engaging youth camp programs while providing a safe and healthy environment in accordance with County of Sonoma guidelines.

While most classes will be held online via Zoom video meetings, some in-person meetings may be possible, if all participants agree to this liability waiver. AFSR will implement the precautions below to ensure the maximum safety for all participants. Students who have underlying health conditions that put them at particular risk for COVID-19 should not select in person classes or camps.

Parents are asked to sign this liability waiver before children can attend any in-person camps or classes at individual homes or AFSR facilities. Camps and courses will be held online, unless specifically arranged by Instructors, participants, and parents.

If Parent/Students and Instructors Prefer to Meet IN PERSON, the following considerations apply:

  • If meeting in person, Parents, students and Instructors will be required to wear face masks and follow social distancing protocols.
  • Campers, staff, instructors, and volunteers who are sick must stay home.
  • All AFSR staff, instructors, and volunteers meeting IN PERSON will be required to wear face coverings for the duration of the camp, except during snack breaks, which will be outside and socially distanced.
  • Instructors will use surface cleaners to disinfect tables prior to use. Students will be encouraged to use the hand sanitizers made available by the staff.
  • AFSR camp activities do not include the use of playgrounds. AFSR is not liable for the sanitary conditions of any city or county playground.
  • Campers and students will be required to wash or sanitize hands throughout the day including but not limited to arrival, before and after inside and outside activities, before and after eating, before and after restroom use, and prior to leaving for the day.
  • All campers are required to wear face coverings for the duration of the camp. Face coverings may be removed during snack and other outdoor breaks as long as physical distance can be maintained. If a child shows up for camp without a face covering, the Instructor will provide one for the day.
  • Campers and Instructors will be required to follow social distancing.
  • Activities will be held outside whenever possible.
  • Campers will have their own camp supplies for the week not to be shared with other children, unless requested to be grouped together by all parents of the children in a group.
  • All campers will be required to bring their own water and food and are asked not to share. Eating spaces will be set up to maximize space between campers.
  • Changes to rules and regulations governing day camps by the Sonoma County Health Officer may require changes to this protocol, including the cancellation or changes to activities or the format of camps in progress. In all events, AFSR will follow all County rules and guidelines.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Joëlle Pluchon, School Administrator (707) 543-8151.  school@afsantarosa.org

Signing or typing my full name here means that I accept the Conditions of Registration, Health and Safety Protocols, and Liability Waiver of the Alliance Française de Santa Rosa:

Signing or typing your full name here means that you accept the Conditions of Registration, Health and Safety Protocols, and Liability Waiver of the Alliance Française de Santa Rosa